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Partying Like A Princess:

Tips to get the most magical experience at your party!

  • Have an adequate space (story time, photos, table for craft, etc.) This allows for a smooth flow of each activity, without having to rustle around your guests to find a spot to join in. We also highly recommend having a place in mind to take photos. Some people like to have a fancy backdrop- this is certainly fun, but you don't need it to get a good picture! The best things to have for a good photo area is a clean/clear spot where guests and characters are not obstructed, and where there is good lighting- if outdoors, try to find a shady area, as shade provides the best lighting. If indoors, be sure to steer clear of having people stand in FRONT of a window. Try to have the natural light hitting their faces- not their backs. 

  • Have flow of your party in mind, so you don't feel rushed or frazzled. Before your event, we will send you a rundown of what to expect at your party, which will help you decide the order in which you'd like our team to do the different activities. Knowing what to expect cuts down on the stress of having to make sure you're "keeping up". Having certain things ready, like the cake, helps keep the flow of the party going, which allows you and your child to get the most out of your time with the character.

  • Experience the magic by being present. Trust us- we know what it's like to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders as you're rushing around, trying to make sure your child is enjoying their special day. But this is a special time for them AND for you! We've got this... relax, and enjoy the experience. Our party assistants will take care of the little things throughout the event, so you can sit back and enjoy. 

  • Please continue to be the parent. While we want you to relax and enjoy this special time, please remember that our team is there to engage and entertain, but they are not able to be babysitters. For the safety and comfort of our team, and all attending guests, as well as the preservation of the magical experience, we ask that at least one adult remains present and ready to step in, should the need arise for parental correction with a child at the party. 

  • Have your camera ready! So many magical moments happen in the blink of an eye! While we certainly want you to experience it (not just through a lens), we highly recommend having your camera ready to go. Some people prefer to have a designated "camera man/woman" (nothing fancy- just a family member or friend!) for the duration of the visit, so you don't have to worry about missing those moments. 

  • Utilize your party assistant! If you have any questions or requests during your party, talk with your assistant! Our party assistants will be there to guide you through the experience (including giving you a heads up on timing, what activities to move on to next, taking family/group photos for you, etc.), so you can relax and fully immerse yourself in the experience. After all, you deserve to be treated like royalty, too!

  • Less is more.- Despite what our modern world might tell us, we find that less is really more in these types of experiences. We recommend keeping the guest list to a manageable number. While it's wonderful to have a buzz of so many people, some children can find that very overstimulating, and that can make it difficult for them to enjoy their time with the character. Plus, this allows for each guest to have more one-on-one time with the character, giving everyone a magical experience. Keeping a manageable guest list also keeps the distractions down- it can be rather difficult to read/listen to a story when there is a loud room buzzing with discussion. It helps to have a designated space for the character's visit, so the guests who want to experience it can do so without interruption or distraction. 

  • HAVE FUN!! This is a magical memory in the making! Let yourself get swept up in the excitement, as if you were experiencing it as a child again! Seeing their parents get excited about a character visiting often amplifies the excitement and joy of the birthday child... so have so much fun!! You deserve it!

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