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We're so glad to meet you, and we are honored that you're interested in Party Like A Princess! So... who are "we"? Great question! Well, to start, we're sisters!

Angelica (right) is an early childhood specialist who has also spent her life performing in the Chicagoland area. Combining her expertise of early childhood development and her extensive performing skillset, she served as the event director and character performance trainer for our team when not performing as a character at events. Angelica resides in the western suburbs with her husband, their daughter, and 3 fur babies!

Olivia (left) received her undergraduate degree in Theatre before pursuing her Masters in education. Having spent the majority of her life onstage and directing children's theatre, Olivia is thrilled to combine her passions into one with Party Like A Princess! When not performing as a character, she served as the booking director and character assistant trainer, along with being the company photographer! Olivia resides in the western suburbs with her husband, son, and daughter.

What are we up to, now that
Party Like A Princess is closed?

Chicago Princess Parties

In 2022, we officially launched our second company, Joyful Grace Photography & Events. After hanging up our tiaras and retiring from the princess life in 2024, we have continued growing Joyful Grace, providing wedding & portrait photography to the Chicagoland area. Please visit to check it out!

What makes Party Like A Princess different?

That's easy! Our team- and their hearts- is what sets us apart from other character companies! Unlike any other Chicago-based company, Party Like A Princess operates strictly on a seasonal basis- meaning that each year, we hold open auditions for our upcoming season (and yes- even current team members need to re-audition for their spot!). This model allows our team to be trained together each season, ensuring they are able to uphold our E.L.I.T.E. standards that are the core of our company. 

Our team is full of the kindest, most genuine, and TALENTED people you'll find. We do our due diligence to ensure that everyone is here for the right reasons- because they truly love working with children, and they want to bring joy to others. We provide so much more than just "entertainment"... we provide engagement. Anyone can wear a pretty dress and smile for photos. It takes an E.L.I.T.E. team member to meet a child where they're at, and engage with them in a way that will leave them feeling elevated and valued. And THAT'S where Party Like A Princess shines!

*Psst! What's this E.L.I.T.E. business y'all keep mentioning?? We'd love to tell you! These are our core values, and being on the Party Like A Princess team means that each member is expected to:

E- Elevate others

L- Lead by example

I- Ignite passion

T- Think positively 

E- Exude joy

Without further ado, we are pleased to introduce...

The Closing Cast of the
Party Like A Princess Team
Party Like A Princess- Chicago Princess Parties
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