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Booking Contract

​Booking and Payment

Once we receive your booking request on the BOOK NOW tab, we immediately work with our staff to ensure that our calendar allows us to accommodate your event, and you'll hear back from us with confirmation shortly! Please note that our business hours are greatly reduced on the weekends (this is our peak time for events). You will always receive a confirmation email from Party Like A Princess within 48 business hours. 


A $25.00 Rush Fee is implemented for events that are booked with less than 10 days' notice, to accommodate the quick turnaround time for our team. As of July 2020, we require 50% of the total booking cost to be paid at the time of booking. Once a booking has been accepted and confirmed by Party Like A Princess, we will send you a request to submit your NON-REFUNDABLE 50% retainer. This must be paid within 48 hours, or the booking agreement is no longer valid. This is to ensure the most up-to-date information is being relayed to our team members, as well as other customers who may be waiting for that same time frame.


Once your retainer is received, your event is officially booked. The remaining 50% of the booking total will be due at least 72 hours before the event. We currently accept all payments via PayPal. 


There is a 50% non-refundable retainer that is due at the time of booking. Should you need to change your party date/time after booking, we will gladly work to help accommodate your change. When rescheduling, the package/character must remain the same. If you choose to change either, this is considered a "new booking", and a new retainer is required. We offer one complimentary reschedule, and after that, a new retainer is required. Please note that rescheduling is based on availability.


Once your final payment has been made, if you choose to cancel your event for any reason, you will not be refunded. We will, however, be happy to try and reschedule your event with you, per the above policies. In the rare and unlikely event that Party Like A Princess needs to cancel or reschedule your event, you will receive a full refund.

Location & Travel

Bookings that require less than 25 miles of travel (one way) incur no travel fees. Booking that require 25 - 49 miles away incur a $25 travel fee. Bookings that require 50+ miles of travel will require special arrangements and a travel fee, and will be taken on a case by case basis at the discretion of the directors of Party Like A Princess.

Safe Working Conditions

While you are never too old to party like a princess, please keep in mind that all of our events remain family friendly, and our team will not attend an event with any unruly or inappropriate behavior. Such behavior is grounds for immediate dismissal of our team from the event, without reimbursement to the client. While we service a wide range of venues, for the safety and comfort of our performers and staff, OUTDOOR events may not take place during inclement weather, and/or temperatures exceeding 80 degrees or below 50 degrees. If, at any time, a team member feels that their health or safety is being compromised, whether from performing conditions or guest behavior, our team is free to leave, and customers will not be reimbursed. One courtesy check-in with the event host will occur, and if the issue arises again, our team will leave immediately.

Further, any damage caused to Party Like A Princess equipment, including but not limited to costumes, wigs, books, game supplies, craft supplies, autograph supplies, team uniforms, etc. that occurs due to the negligence of a guest or the intent to harm from a guest will result in the client being fiscally responsible for the cost of replacing the damaged items. 



Party Like A Princess is not responsible for behavior of parties involved with the event, with the exception of Party Like A Princess's personnel. If the desired outcome of your event is jeopardized by the behaviors of parties involved with the exception of Party Like A Princess's personnel, Party Like A Princess cannot be held responsible. The client/event host will assist and cooperate with our team in obtaining the desired flow of events, including but not limited to providing adequate and safe space for activities, stepping in with disruptive guests, cooperating with the Party Like A Princess party assistant, etc. Party Like A Princess will not be responsible for activities not completed as a result of the client's failure to provide reasonable assistance or cooperation.


Failure to Perform

If Party Like A Princess is unable to perform this agreement due to illness, emergency, fire, casualty, strike, act of God, or causes beyond the control of Party Like A Princess, Party Like A Princess and the client will make every attempt to reschedule the event. If a reschedule is unable to be agreed upon, Party Like A Princess will return the initial non-refundable payment to the client and will have no further liability. In no event will Party Like A Princess be liable for any amount exceeding the cost of the booking.


Indemnification & Liability

Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Party Like A Princess and its affiliates, employees, agents, and independent contractors for any injury, property damage, liability, claim or other cause of action arising out of or related to Services and/or product(s) Party Like A Princess provides to Client. 


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